The Merger Bureau.

Branding, & website build for a new startup helping business owners find a different, more profitable route to exit through merging with other businesses.

The Merger Bureau is here to help business owners find a different path to exit. There are many business owners running profitable businesses that are struggling to find an exit.

The Logo
The client wanted a clean modern corporate ldentity, with a playful twist to highlight their friendly approach. This was one of those jobs where the business name really helped with the outcome of the logo. The number of characters, and the characters themselves gave us the perfect setup to interlink the two words with balance, allowing us to use the visual to reinforce the messaging of two merging entities and constant guidance throughout the process.

The upward arrow hanging off the last letter symbolizes a successful trajectory and increased value, with the heavy font choice showing strength married with a friendly composition that’s easy on the eye.

The secondary logo
The submark logo was created as a versatile and compact variation of a primary logo, used to maintain brand consistency across various applications where the primary logo might be too complex or large. Using a submark helps maintain a cohesive brand identity across various platforms and mediums. It ensures that even in constrained spaces, the brand is still recognizable.

The submark has been designed to mimic a stap or seal, seen as a stamp of approval. The exit path breaks out on an upward trajectory as per the primary logo.

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