Excape Entertainment.

Excape Entertainment Group create unique and thrilling interactive entertainment experiences utilising virtual reality, state-of-the-art technologies and social engagement. Their primary goal is to create a positive memorable experience that is connected with the brand and which will find a second life on social media during and after the activation.

Excape activate globally and specialise in large scale and challenging concepts and required a detailed presentation deck to help engage with prospective clients. In particular, to help promote a brand new concept offering experiences for adults that are normally inaccessible due to danger or high cost. V-World aims to provide interactive high-tech experiences based on real world ‘extreme’ activities. 

We designed an impactful interactive presentation deck utilising video alongside bold and striking imagery and typography to help portray the novel, enviable and deep experiences that Excape offer to all, but primarily the Millennial and Gen Z segments. We also enhanced Excape’s existing company logo to modernise and appeal to the target audience.

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