We create engaging and immersive digital experiences that are driven by data and optimised for conversation.

Motion Graphics

We have designed stylish, engaging and innovative motion graphic design for some of the top brands worldwide. Whether it be for social media or brand messaging, we can help you create content that increases engagement and drives traffic.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has evolved in the digital age and doors have opened to a new era of targeted advertising, enabling us to help you better engage with your core audiences in new ways and with much more precision. We have the ability to create high quality video, banner ads and news stories, for use on all social media platforms.

Downforce are listed on as one of the top performing digital marketing agencies recommended by industry experts.

Website Design

We understand your website is central to your brand identity, reputation and how customers perceive you. We create engaging website designs that are stylish, interactive and competitively priced.

Data Capture

With your audience engaged and interested it’s time to capture the data. The most effective way of doing this is through a lead generation form. The quantity and quality of the information you can collect on a paper form doesn’t compare against the performance of a dedicated data capture form. Digital surveys, invitations, simple or complex questionnaires are the most effective way to capture data before, during or after an event thanks to their flexibility and security.

3D Rendering

3D visualization enables us to render designs ranging from architecture, film, and games, to engineering and manufacturing. Products and visions can be created in 3D visualisation prior to execution, saving you both time and costs.


We can provide you with a wide range of services related to creating and developing animation for any purposes and objectives. From eye-catching 2D and 3D animated sequences, animated idents, bumpers and stings to title sequences, kinetic typography and captions. We can also enhance still images with movement.

Our experiential design expertly blends human interaction with a built environment.
We strategically use design elements to elicit an emotional connection and immerse users in compelling narratives that create truly engaging brand experiences.

Projection Mapping

Video mapping projection turns physical objects into a display surface. In combination with a rear video screen, stunning displays can be created that truly captivate audiences. Partnering with specialist projection experts and content creators we have produced memorable brand experiences for both large and small scale events.


Transparent display screens enable the user to see physical products and at the same time interact with digital content that is overlaid on a touch-sensitive screen. We have successfully integrated attractive exhibits to help increase engagement and tell the brand story.

Virtual Assistants

A unique and engaging way to present informational and instructional messages. Virtual assistants bring messages and instructions to life, influencing behavioural change by making people stop and take notice. We have filmed specific messaging from high profile sports stars to provide unique, personal interactions and delivery of key information.

Hologram Displays

A 3D holographic display provides a revolutionary way to engage with guests and customers. 3D visuals, which resemble holograms, appear to float in mid-air. This eye-catching attraction is portable and provides a unique way to present your brand messaging.

The metaverse has tremendous potential to be a new arena for brands through virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. It provides a set of interconnected digital spaces that allow users to do a variety of things that would be impossible to do in the physical world. It is essentially a parallel virtual world. Storytelling is at the forefront of our process with users part of a web of connected designs for truly engaging experiences.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality superimposes 3D computer-generated imagery over real world environments and objects. Head-mounted virtual retinal display, cameras, sensors, speakers and optical reality work together to provide unique input to your visual experiences. We have created engaging user experiences that really suspend your disbelief.

Virtual Reality

Our design-led approach to Virtual Reality production ensures the interactive content is well thought out from the very beginning. This includes working closely with you to develop your brief so that the final creative idea translates powerfully into the medium of interactive VR.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enhances natural environments or situations and offers perceptually enriched experiences. Our interactive initiatives combine computer-generated content seamlessly interwoven as an immersive aspect of the real environment. Utilising a users own mobile device, the digital world blends into a person’s perception of the real world.

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