AST Branding.

We were approached by a communications agency located in Cumbria, to assist with the branding of their client, Ast.

Ast, established in 2002, has emerged as a prominent branding specialist in the UK. What began with only three employees has now evolved into a dedicated team of professionals spread across the country. Notably, in 2023, after 14 years of prioritising sustainability, Ast obtained official carbon-neutral certification, becoming the first in their industry to achieve such recognition in accordance with PAS2060. To commemorate this remarkable milestone, they sought to incorporate this messaging into their branding.

Our strategy involved seamlessly integrating the carbon-neutral messaging into Ast’s current logo, ensuring that the existing brand identity remained intact while subtly introducing the new theme and preserving the existing values.

The updated logo was incorporated into a video sequence that effectively documented their sustainability journey and seamlessly integrated into their website. Furthermore, we presented various approaches to communicate the messaging across multiple touchpoints, ranging from expos to staff incentives, providing a comprehensive solution for effectively conveying the message.

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